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Civil Engineering in Sussex and Kent

The Blackford Group is a leading civil engineering company operating throughout East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, and surrounding areas.

Our certified civil engineers are available for domestic and commercial projects across various public and private sectors. With a diverse range of projects throughout Sussex and Kent, we have the skills and expertise to deliver bespoke civil engineering solutions tailored to your project requirements.

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Experienced Civil Engineering Contractors

The Blackford Group offers bespoke civil engineering solutions for various construction sectors. Our civil engineers have a wealth of experience developing tailormade solutions for domestic, commercial, and public projects of various sizes.

We have worked alongside many businesses throughout Sussex and Kent, developing custom solutions tailored to their project requirements. Previous clients include property developers, private homeowners, local authorities, industrial organisations, government bodies, etc.

Our extensive civil engineering services include the planning, design, development, and construction of various stuctures. While specialising in domestic and commercial groundworks, we also offer civil engineering solutions for property development, transport infrastructure, and demolitions.

With a proven record of excellence and unrivalled commitment to quality, the Blackford Group goes above and beyond to deliver first-class civil engineering solutions.

Comprehensive Civil Engineering Services

The Blackford Group provides civil engineering services for domestic, commercial, and public projects across Sussex and Kent.

Our team have extensive civil engineering experience in the groundworks, foundations, property development, and demolitions. We understand the complexities of major projects and the importance of strict deadlines, so we always ensure our services are completed on time and within budget.

Given our experience across various civil engineering projects, we're happy to assist with development of any size. As a leading groundworks contractor, we provide reliable design and development solutions for all commercial and domestic groundwork projects.

Additionally, our expertise in foundation and piling allows us to develop robust plans for upcoming construction projects across all sectors. Whether planning new drainage installations, creating robust foundations, or strengthening properties with new piling, our civil engineers are here to help.

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Civil Engineering Across the South East of England

The Blackford Group is a civil engineering and groundworks contractor operating throughout the South East region of England. We offer an extensive range of civil engineering solutions throughout the region, including:

  • East Sussex
  • West Sussex
  • Kent
  • London
  • Surrey
  • Hampshire

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