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Demolition Company in Sussex and Kent

The Blackford Group is an experienced demolition company operating throughout East Sussex, West Sussex, and Kent. We offer bespoke demolition solutions for industrial, commercial, and domestic projects across the region.

As a leading demolition company, we use a diverse range of modern equipment to ensure the safest, most efficient demolition processes. All demolition work is completed by insured and certified professionals who follow appropriate environmental, planning, and health and safety regulations.

We cover the entire scope of your project, from project planning to demolition and site clearance.

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Bespoke Demolition Services

The Blackford Group is a trusted demolition company that provides tailormade solutions for projects across East Sussex, West Sussex, and Kent. We understand demolition projects vary in scope and complexity, so we offer bespoke services tailored to your unique project requirements.

Whether a partial demolition or strip out demolition, we help plan every aspect of your project down to the finest details. We also understand that demolition is typically the first stage of a construction project.

So, all demolition work is completed on time to ensure no disruptions to the project schedule.

As a leading demolition company in East Sussex, West Sussex, and Kent, we offer a broad range of services, including:

Strip Out Demolition

We are one of the leading providers of strip out demolition services in East Sussex, West Sussex, and Kent. Our process involves removing all non-structural components, such as internal walls, floors, piping, and ceilings.

By carefully removing these interior furnishings and fixtures, our team leaves your site ready for upcoming renovations and refurbishments.

Partial Demolition

If you want to demolish only part of a building or structure, then our partial demolition service is the ideal solution. As the name suggests, partial demolition involves demolishing certain parts of the structure while leaving others intact.

A partial demolition requires extensive skills and knowledge to complete safely and without affecting other building parts. Our team have the expertise to deliver safe and efficient partial demolition.

Complete Demolition

A complete demolition is the process of demolishing an entire building or structure. Our complete demolition service suits buildings of all shapes and sizes in Sussex and Kent. We cover the entire scope of the demolition process, from project planning to demolition and site clearance.

The Leading Demolition Company in South East England

The Blackford Group is a demolition company operating throughout South East England. We offer a comprehensive range of demolition services for industrial, commercial, and domestic projects throughout South East England, including:

  • East Sussex
  • West Sussex
  • Kent
  • London
  • Surrey
  • Hampshire

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